Soperating microscope:
The operating microscope has advanced optics and fibre optic illumination, this is useful in performing myringoplasty, mastoid operation , stapedectomy operation.
For vocal nodules microlaryngeal surgery can also be done through this microscope.

Nasal video endoscope(Storz,Germany):
This is useful for the treatment of sinusitis. The surgery is called endoscopic sinus surgery. This endoscope is also useful to perform endoscopic dacrocysto rhinostomy.

Video laryngoscope:
This is useful to examine larynx, vocal cords.

This is useful to test hearing capacity in decibles.

Ventilating bronchoscopes(storz,germany):
This is useful to remove  foreign bodies from trachea and bronchi.
We have oesophagoscopes also to remove foreign bodies from oesophagus.
Modern operation theatre. The operation theatre is equipped with Boyles apparatus, pulse-oximeter, ECG monitor, Hydrolicoperation table, cautery, high power ceiling light etc

This operation is used to close a hole in the eardrum. The main reason for doing this is to prevent recurrent infection.

It is a technique used in the diagnosis and removal of various lesions of the vocal folds, including (but not limited to)
  • polyps
  • cysts
  • papilloma
  • Reinke’s edema

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